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Vietnamese Restaurant Menu

A bowl of delicious Vietnamese Pho filled with healthy vegetables and tofu

Dine in & Takout

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Let us do the work for you. Order now for dine in or take out. Treat yourself to a satisfying meal. We can’t wait to serve you!

Phở Noodle Soups

Small $11.99

Large $12.99

1. Pho Dac Biet

Special combo

2. Pho Tai


3. Pho Tai Nam

Steak, brisket

4. Pho Tai Bo Vien

Steak, meatball

5. Pho Tai Gan

Steak, tendon

6. Pho Chin


7. Pho Chin Bo Vien

Brisket, meatball

8. Pho Chin Gan

Brisket, tendon

9. Pho Bo Vien


10. Pho Bo Vien Gan

Meatball, tendon

11. Pho Dau Hu


12. Pho Ga


13. Pho Bo Kho

Spicy beef stew

A bowl of Vietnamese pho with meat, cilantro and onions

Add Extras to Your Phở

Add as much variety as you like to your soup bowl


Tai …….. $4.99

Eye-Of-Round Steak

Bo Vien …….. $4.99

Beef Meat Balls

Sache …….. $4.99


Gau …….. $4.99

Fat Brisket

Nam …….. $4.99

Well-done Flank

Chin …….. $4.99

Well-done Brisket


Noodle …….. $2.99


Rice …….. $2.99


Prawn …….. $5.99


Squid …….. $5.99


Tofu …….. $2.99


Noodle Soups without meat

không thịt (without meat)

Any of the above dishes with noodles and broth only

Small $8.99

Large $9.99

Hu Tiu Noodle Soups

Large $14.99

14. Hu Tiu Do Bien (nuoc hay kho)

Seafood with rice noodle

15. Mi Do Bien (nuoc hay kho)

Seafood with egg noodle

16. Mi Hoanh Thanh

Wanton & shrimp with egg noodle

Vietnamese noodle soup

Bun – Vermicelli

17. Bun Bo Hue …….. $13.99

Spicy Hue noodle soup with lemongrass

18. Bun Moc …….. $13.99

Two different kind of mashed pork noodle soup

19. Bun Rieu …….. $13.99

Carb meat noodle soup with seafood & tofu

20. Bun Thit Nuong …. $13.99

Charbroiled pork with cold noodle salad

21. Bun Cha Gio …….. $13.99

Eggrolls with cold noodle salad

22. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio $14.99

Charbroiled pork & eggrolls with cold noodle

23. Bun Tom Nuong …. $15.99

Grilled shrimp with cold noodle salad

24. Bun Cha Gio Tom Nuong $15.99

Grilled shrimp & egg rolls with cold noodle

25. Bun Dau Hu Xao Xa Ot $13.99

Lemongrass tofu with cold noodle salad

26. Banh Canh Gio Heo Tom $14.99

Pig’s trotters & shrimp in Udon noodle soup

27. Bun Mang Vit.. $Not Avail

Duck salad & noodle soup with bamboo shoots

A Vietnamese bun filled with vegetables and vermicelli.
rice icon

Com- Rice Dish

28. Com Suon Heo …….. $13.99

Charbroiled pork chops

29. Com Suon Heo Tom    $15.99

Charbroiled pork chop & shrimp

30. Com Suon Bo … $Not Avail

Charbroiled beef

31. Com Suon Bo Tom … $Not Avail

Charbroiled beef & shrimp

32. Com Tam Suon Bi Trung $15.99

Charbroiled pork chop, shredded pork & egg

33. Com Ga Roti …………. $14.99

Marinated chicken served with fried rice

34. Com Bo Kho …….. $14.99

Spicy beef stew served with white rice

35. Banh Mi Bo Kho ….. $14.99

Spicy beef stew served with bread

Marinated chicken with spices served over a bed of fluffy white rice.
spring rolls

Banh uot – Rice rolls


36. Banh Uot Cha Lua

Steam rice rolls with pork

37. Banh Uot Dau Hu

Steam rice rolls with tofu

Com chien – Fried Rice

38. Com Chien Ga …….. $13.99

Fried rice with chicken, egg & white onion

39. Com Chien Bo …….. $15.99

Fried rice with beef, egg & white onion

40. Com Chien Heo ……. $13.99

Fried rice with pork, egg & white onion

41. Com Chien Dau Hu … $13.99

Fried rice with tofu, egg & white onion

42. Com Chien Tom hay Muc  $15.99

Fried rice with prawn or squid, egg & white onion

A bowl of fried rice and mixed vegetables.

Thai dishes

43. Pad Thai Ga …….. $14.99

Stir-fry rice noodle with chicken, egg & white onion

44. Pad Thai Bo …….. $15.99

Stir-fry rice noodle with beef, egg & white onion

45. Pad Thai Heo …….. $14.99

Stir-fry rice noodle with pork, egg & white onion

46. Pad Thai Dau Hu … $14.99

Stir-fry rice noodle with tofu, egg & white onion

47. Pad Thai Tom hay Muc      $15.99

Stir-fry rice noodle with prawn or squid, egg & white onion

48. Pad See-ew Ga …….. $14.99

Stir-fry wide rice noodle with chicken, broccoli & egg

49. Pad See-ew Bo …….. $15.99

Stir-fry wide rice noodle with beef, broccoli & egg

50. Pad See-ew Heo … $14.99

Stir-fry wide rice noodle with pork, broccoli & egg

51. Pad See-ew Dau Hu    $14.99

Stir-fry wide rice noodle with tofu, broccoli & egg

52. Pad See-ew Tom hay Muc $15.99

Stir-fry wide rice noodle with prawn or squid, broccoli & egg

A warm bowl of hearty hot and sour soup with tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables in a savory broth.
appetizer icon

Appetizers & Extras


Cha Gio …….. $2.99 each

Fried egg rolls (minced pork & vegetable)

Goi Cuon …….. $4.50 each

Fresh spring rolls (shrimp, julienne pork, vermicelli, basil & salad)


Goi Cuon Tofu …….. $4.50 each

Vegetarian spring rolls (tofu, vermicelli, basil & salad)

Bi Cuon …….. $4.50 each

Fresh spring rolls (shredded pork, vermicelli, basil & salad)

$ Save $

4 piece fried eggrolls …….. $11.50

3 piece shrimp eggrolls …….. $12.99

(Choose from Goi Cuon, Goi Cuon Tofu or Bi Cuon)


Nuoc ngot …….. $1.99


Soda hot ga …….. $5.99

Egg soda

Soda chanh …….. $5.99

Lime soda

Nuoc chanh …….. $5.99


Nuoc chanh muoi …….. $5.99

Salted limeade

Sua dau nanh …….. $Not available

Soy bean

Nuoc dua Ion …….. $Not Available

Coconut juice

Nuoc dua tuoi …….. $Not Available

Fresh coconut juice

Tra thai …….. $5.99

Thai tea

Cafe sua da …….. $5.99

Vietnamese iced coffee

Tra sua …….. $5.99

Bubble tea

Bubble Tea Flavors





Green tea










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